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Installing Sanitation Systems

My name is Geoff and I am a proud Australian. When my wife and I retired and decided to build our dream home on the Gold Coast, it didn't cross our minds that this would lead to us becoming self-taught experts on sanitation systems. Our home appeared perfect when it was completed. However, after 6 months, we began to smell a foul odour rising from the floor. I called in a sanitation expert who said that the pipes which had been installed were not the right type. Thankfully, this problem was eventually fixed. I decided to start a new blog to advise others about the pros and cons of sanitation systems.

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Reasons to Hire a Skip Bin

No matter how high your hygiene standards are, they will amount to nothing if you have no place to dispose of all the dirt and garbage from your home or neighbourhood. Luckily, there are skip bins that you can easily hire, and the problem of garbage disposal ends. There are several reasons why you should hire a skip bin.


Hiring skip bins is the most affordable means of disposing of your garbage. There is an assumption that hiring skip bins is expensive, but they are actually cheap to hire. In addition, the money you pay caters for transportation of the garbage to landfills. As such, you are not only paying for a container to store rubbish, but also transport services for the loaded garbage. You also get to save time that would otherwise be used transporting the waste.


When you use skip bins, you are not only disposing of garbage in the right way, you are also doing it in an environmentally-friendly way. With a container to place your rubbish, you are able to keep your home always clean and green.

In addition, hiring skip bins allows you to safely handle and dispose hazardous waste such as asbestos. The hiring company will provide you with specific skip bins for placing wastes such as asbestos sheeting, insulation, and roofing tiles.


Skip bins are available in various sizes to suit your needs. If you have a small family and you are planning to use the bin for your home, there are small skip bins for that. There are larger-sized skip bins that can be shared by several homes. These large skip bins are also good if you operate a business that churns out a lot of waste.

Easy to Use

Most skip bins can easily be accessed through a rear hinge door. You just need to open the door and dispose the waste. This simplicity makes it easy for your kids who are old enough to easily dispose waste.


It is more expensive to buy a skip bin — compared to hiring one temporarily. In addition, if you decide to buy a skip bin, you will need to buy or look for a vehicle for transporting the skip bin to and from your home to empty the waste when it is full. This translates to additional costs. Hiring a skip bin relieves you of all these unnecessary expenses.